Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Breaking: Google and Doubleclick Exposed as Major Financial Partners with Fake News Sites

The top-10 most credible ad firms accounted for 66.7% of ad traffic on fake news websites, and another 55.6%% ad traffic on low-quality websites.

OfferGlobe and Steve Mandes Illegal Spammers and Scammers Review.

OfferGlobe is an offshore advertising company with multiple registered addressees both in the UK and seemingly in the tax haven of Seychelles. They...

Bot Form Fills are Destroying Lead Generation Industry. What can Be Done?

Global ad spend rose to $628.63 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow steadily at more than 5.0% per year through 2022. Although...

Love Scam Alert: Interview with Jenny Gonzalez of Dating Factory

During RiskConnect  we had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Gonzalez from Dating Factory, who walked us through the life of an online dating merchant.

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Inside The King Of Advertising Fraud and Russia

Move over Scott Richter, a Russian man who once described himself as the “king of fraud” for his role in orchestrating a...

Tips in Incorporating Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics to Grow Your Business

For most companies trying to make a living in today's competitive business landscape, it can...

What Are Micromoments?

Performance marketing is the latest buzzword because it’s a must when it comes to optimising your brands’ digital marketing strategy. But with all...


PartnerMatrix CEO Levon Nikoghosyan explains how the company's affiliate marketing software platform can help affiliates and operators steer clear of fraud. The industry...

FTC Testifies Before Congressional Subcommittee on Legislation to Restore Enforcement Authority

The Federal Trade Commission recently testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce on legislation to modify the FTC’s...
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