Monday, January 25, 2021
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Tushar Balchandani

Tushar Balchandani is a blogger and a digital marketer. And he has been working on 91airconditioners since 2019. From his childhood days, he was interested in electronics and this interest pushed him in the blogging world.

How to establish a brand in 10 Steps

Here are the 10 easy steps on how to eastablish you brand for your business: 1. Start by...

Latest news

Claim: Illya Shpetrik Outed as Head of Criminal Affiliate Network.

According to John Monarch, the CEO of the now defunct Bitcoin company Shipchain, a criminal mastermind by the name of Illya Sheptrik...

Uber Chief Claims Most Performance Marketing is Pure Fraud

Kevin Frisch, the former head of performance marketing and CRM at Uber, told the tale of how ad fraud (specifically attribution fraud)...

Shipchain, Founded by John Monarch, Gets Shutdown via SEC Enforcement Action

John Monarch, Founder and CEO of Shipchain, had his company officially shut down by the Security Exchange Commission today. The USA Herald has...

FTC Sues Facebook for Social Network Monopolization

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that it has sued Facebook, alleging that the company is illegally maintaining its personal social networking...

REPORT: Nick Fiorentino Accused of Digital Theft by Zeeto Group

A lawsuit has been filed that alleges Nicholas Fiorentino started to headhunt several Zeeto Group employees for his affiliate marketing company, Internet...
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