Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Christopher Smith

The mission of the American Cannabis Report is to support public discourse and fight propaganda, leading to the end of cannabis' federal prohibition in the US, and to remove cannabis from Schedule I and move it to Schedule III on the US Drug Enforcement Agency's​ Schedule of Controlled Substances.

Proven Marijuana Marketing Techniques

Remember when marijuana ads showed up in your social media feeds? That was so 2016. Today the major platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—impose strict rules around...

Latest news

Amazon Deletes Tens of Thousands of Fake Reviews in the UK

Amazon deletes tens of thousands of reviews from its sites after two studies focus on use of fraudulent five-star reviews to promote...

Inside Sam’s Clubs Affiliate Marketing Program

By leveraging Rakuten Advertising’s expansive publisher network and Button’s new deep linking and app-tracking Reach technology, Sam’s Club is among the retailers that have...

Feds Go After Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals for Fake Covid19 Cure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical for allegedly deceptively advertising its $23,000 COVID-19 treatment plan as “FDA accepted.” Golden Sunrise...

Why Evergreen Messages Fail During Covid19

If advisors want to reach clients, they should make it timely and personnal, according to Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia. During the market...

FTC Starts Scammer Search Engine

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created a search tool for researching information about identity theft and other fraud issues specific to...
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